Buying a new phone several years ago opened up a completely new world of photography and images for me. Like millions of others, I became addicted to taking pictures on my iPhone and sharing them on Instagram. You can read the long version of how this all started for me here.

My work is a fusion of photography and digital art. It focuses on lines, space, form, perspective, geometry and symmetry. I capture my images using the native iPhone camera and process them with a combination of apps on the iPhone and iPad. 

For many people, mobile photography has been a springboard to ‘big photography’ and upgrading to more powerful DSLR cameras. Not for me. I believe that there is still a huge amount of creative potential to be tapped into with the iPhone and I try push this as far as I can.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can email me at mike_n5(at)outlook.com, drop me a line via the contact form or you can find me on Instagram at @mike_n5.

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